Olympic Ice Dancers Dish on Their Beauty Routines

Olympic Ice Dancers Dish on Their Beauty Routines
Meryl Davis and Charlie White spill their beauty secrets from the ice. (Photo: Getty Images)
I’m not going to lie, every time I see ice dancers perform, I want to be one of them. I want to dance in sparkly sequins and leap into my partner’s arms. Since it isn’t likely in this lifetime, I’ll be living vicariously through real life couple and Olympic Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White. I caught up with the pair at the opening of the flagship store of Airweave mattress toppers in Manhattan. The American all-stars talked ice beauty with me, sharing their take on grooming, beauty mishaps, and makeup for men.

Yahoo Beauty: What are your beauty and grooming regimens?Meryl Davis: Our regimen for looking good either at home or on the road is very simple. We make a very conscious effort to eat good food, get enough sleep, stay active and keep our skin healthy.

How much makeup do you wear during performances?I definitely wear more makeup for a performance than I’d ever wear day-to-day.

Do you apply it yourself, and how long does this process take?It takes me about 20 minutes, and I apply it myself. I find the ritual rather therapeutic as I prepare for competition or a show.

How many items do you typically carry to performances, in your beauty kit?Makeup brushes, one blush, one bronzer, one mascara, one tinted moisturizer, lots of eye shadow, a few shades of long-wear lipstick, liquid eyeliner and lots of hairspray.

Have you had any beauty mishaps while performing?When I was about 13 and skating singles, I had a fake hairpiece fall off of my bun and fly across the ice. I gave up on fake hair forever at that exact moment!
Charlie, is makeup a part of your competition routine?Charlie White: Looking good under the bright lights of ice rinks is very difficult without the help of makeup, so luckily I’ve always had Meryl around to put some bronzer on my face right before we head out to compete.

How long does this take?It usually only takes a couple of minutes, but it’s become such a part of our pre-competition routine. It would be weird to miss it.
What’s the most interesting beauty product you’ve been introduced to abroad?Probably my Fusion ProGlide razor. It’s crazy the technological advancements they’ve made with razors, but there’s nothing worse than traveling somewhere and realizing you’re going to have to hope some random razor can get the job done.


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