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Meryl Davis: A Stress-Free Holiday Season

With my brother Clay
It’s Christmas Eve and traditions endure for the Davis and White families in Michigan. Faces and decorations are the same as last year, Christmas trees are in the same, familiar corners of our parents’ living rooms, and family recipes have been prepared once again. Still, there’s a different feeling surrounding this holiday season. Along with the rest of the Team USA winter Olympians headed to Sochi shortly thereafter, Charlie and I were deep in preparation mode last Christmas: sleep, eat, train, repeat.
Certainly, 2014 has been a year to be grateful for. Post-Sochi, Charlie and I often acknowledge that, for a moment, we can stop looking forward and just appreciate where we are and how far we’ve come. In spite of that acknowledgement, loosening our grip on that “Olympian in training” mentality has come gradually. Just recently, Charlie and I seemed to simultaneously recognize the unfamiliar sensation of being completely stress-free. While it’s been about 10 months since Sochi, that place of discipline and preparation had been our homeostasis for so long.
Like every other, this holiday season has descended upon us quicker than we were prepared for. Our shopping may have been relatively last minute and my gingerbread men still turned out terribly! Nevertheless, what a joy it’s been to wholeheartedly embrace tradition and celebration with our loved ones. So, to all of our fellow winter Olympians, soak it in!! May you have a holiday season to remember!


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