William Beaumont visit

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White visited kids at Royal Oak Beaumont on Wednesday. Photo by Aftab Borka 
When 10-year-old Talia Agee of Farmington Hills had her hospital room door knocked on Wednesday afternoon at Royal Oak Beaumont, she had unexpected visitors: first everU.S. Olympic Ice Dancing Gold Medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White.
“Her mom said she hadn’t really smiled today before we came in. So that certainly makes our day,” Davis said talking about how important this visit for the duo who were born at the same hospital. “Getting a chance to brighten someone’s day when they might be going through a tough time. I think that’s one of the coolest experiences you can have.”
Davis and While, who also appeared on Dancing With The Stars show, said they have been so focused on the Olympics and training that they never got an opportunity to do something like in a long time.
“It’s a good reminder how important health is and at the same time how important it is to support those who aren’t feeling their best,” said White.
The duo visited over a dozen random young people who were being treated at the hospital for different illnesses.
Max Joelson, 15, of Birmingham was so excited to meet them that he wanted to take a selfie with the celebrities.
“My friends are gonna think I am more sick than I actually am,” Joelson said after taking the picture.


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