Meryl Davis, Charlie White stop at Plymouth Salem to meet fans, talk 'Dancing With the Stars'

Jeff Seidel: Meryl Davis, Charlie White stop at Plymouth Salem to meet fans, talk 'Dancing With the Stars'

Oh, they tried to act cool.
At a party in Hollywood after the Academy Awards, Meryl Davis and Charlie White tried to act like they had done this before.
Until they saw Bill Murray.
“That’s the fact, Jack!”
Yes, that Bill Murray.
“This crowd has gone deadly silent, a Cinderella story outta nowhere. Former greenskeeper and now about to become the Masters champion ...”
White couldn’t take it. He loves watching comedies, and he’s a big fan.
“I was like, I’m going to hate myself if I don’t get a picture with him,” White said.
So Davis and White asked Murray for a picture.
Davis, 27, of West Bloomfield, and White, 26, of Bloomfield Hills, held up the gold medals they won in ice dancing at the Sochi Games, the first Americans to win the event.
And Murray, being Murray, felt like he had to pose with something, so he held up Davis’ purse like it was a gold medal.
And that wasn’t even the most surreal moment.
“Talking to Stevie Nicks about her experience of watching us skate was so surreal to us,” Davis said.
The most intimidating moment? At one of the parties, they had to wait in line for a photo booth.
“We walk in and Heidi Klum was finishing up,” Davis said, laughing. “There is nothing scarier than doing a photo shoot after Heidi Klum.”
Yes, this has been a wild ride.
Davis and White have been on a nonstop, smile-for-the camera, come here, no, go over there, whirlwind celebrity tour.
They have done countless interviews and posed for a gazillion photos and did the “Colbert Report,” which was significant because White is a huge fan, and now, they are getting ready for “Dancing with the Stars,” which will debut March 17.
This morning, they hopped back on the publicity train, at an event at Plymouth Salem High, sponsored by Kellogg’s.
“You two have been together for a long time now,” a student asked, during a question-and-answer period in front of about 700 students.
“And you are both really competitive. So I’m just wondering: Who is going to win ‘Dancing with the Stars?’ ”
Ah, yes, who will win? The best part of this show will be watching them compete against each other, instead of together.
“I’m just going to say Meryl is the favorite,” White said, laughing. “So I’m going to need all of you to call in. Help that poor guy who doesn’t have chance.”
Davis smiled.
“He’s playing the dark-horse card here,” she said. “I think we are finding it really different dancing on the floor from dancing on the ice. We have a lot of habits that we are taking to the floor that aren’t necessarily helpful.”
It’s little things like pushing off and expecting to glide across the ice. But, ahem, there’s no ice.
White will be partnered with Sharna Burgess, while Davis is with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the bad boy who really isn’t so bad.
“I don’t want to shatter the image for him, but he’s fantastic,” Davis said. “He’s a gentlemen.”
Burgess and Chmerkovskiy are in Metro Detroit, training with Davis and White.
“Sharna is great,” While said. “She is Australian. She’s a blast.”
Davis and White will participate in the TV show, while traveling around the country on the Stars on Ice tour, which will make a stop at Joe Louis Arena on April 27.
“It’s going to be hectic,” White said. “We are going to be flying all over the place.”
Many are saying White and Davis are the favorites to win the show, including Jimmy Fallon.
“They are gold medal dancers,” Fallen joked during his monologue on “The Tonight Show.” “Imagine what they are when they aren’t slipping!”
But Davis will have none of that. “It’s more about not embarrassing myself,” she said.
Yeah right. There’s some serious sand bagging going on here. As soon as this show starts, America is going to find out that these two are incredibly talented and driven to win, and they have been trained to perform in front of judges on live TV.
Basically, it’s a slam dunk.
At the end of this show, one will sound a lot like Bill Murray in “Ghostbusters:” “We came; we saw; we kicked its ass.”
No offense Charlie, but my money is on Meryl.


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