Gold medal ice dancers 'feel love' from moms

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>>> 27-year-old meryl davis and 26-year-old charlie white have skated together since they were just 10 years old. at the olympic games in sochi their years of hard work paid off.
>> they sure did. they did something the americans have never done.
>> ever.
>> in the winter olympics . they brought home gold, a gold medal in ice dancing . a fete they could never have achieved without the love and support of their family.
>> meryl and charlie are here with their moms, cheryl davis and jackie white.
>> hi.
>> hi, ladies. nice to have you join us.
>> half of the fun watching you two skate was watching you two. you know, i was there with the parent cam. as they are going through their moves, what goes through you guys every time they hit the ice and, you know, you watch them? are you biting your nails?
>> we're biting our nails.
>> even though you know they have 99% they'll get through it just fine?
>> yes. yes. yes.
>> you know the program in advance because you probably go to tons and tons of rehearsals so you know when that toughest thing is coming, right?
>> is coming, right.
>> it's like, oh.
>> do you grab each other's hands? because you're always there, right?
>> sometimes. sometimes. we're pinching like this until we're bleeding.
>> do you guys feel the presence of your moms in the audience?
>> yeah, absolutely. sometimes we don't really know where they are, but we -- it's kind of a ritual for us to go hug them before we go down to compete. so we feel the love before we get out there.
>> well, i loved reading about you and how you all -- you both sort of had a similar attitude about how to raise your children. tell us a little bit about that.
>> do you want to talk?
>> sure. i have laryngitis.
>> they're sharing.
>> i think we have very -- a lot of ideas in common as far as parenting goes. but with the sport, we always just really tried to keep it theirs. we didn't push them. we didn't have to, they pushed us. but, you know, we tried really hard to let it be their sport and to just be there to support them and give them whatever they needed.
>> we read brian boitano 's book. you read that book. you took kind of a cue from that, like let them have their time on the ice.
>> when charlie was young i used to read biographies and auto biographies to him. brian boitano 's book. he probably doesn't remember. he was so young. he was 5 or 6. it really --
>> read me a story.
>> read me that autobiography again.
>> read a fairy tale . today is national fairy tale day. mommy's going to read you a story.
>> it was quite a while after he learned to read. it struck a chord with me that his mom said that she let it be his sport.
>> now everyone, charlie , when we look at you two, i know you guys, you have a platonic relationship . was there ever or could there ever be anything? america's rooting for that? make it work, okay?
>> you know, i think we have such a unique relationship. it's really hard to define with sort of the way people look at us and, you know, we're blessed to have found each other at a young age. we've grown up together. this partnership is 17 years of our life, and we've spent more time together than we have with our actual siblings.
>> but the way you have to look at each other.
>> that took a long time, you know, and that was --
>> for you, too, meryl?
>> yeah. we definitely had to grow into ourselves on and off the ice. yeah, i mean, our relationship has certainly evolved as we've grown older. i think that kind of history and that comfort with one another has helped us translate what we can bring to the ice now.
>> we are so proud of you guys.


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