2014 National Championships: Boston, MA

Witnessed the magic live and it was breathtaking.  Congratulations Meryl and Charlie on your record setting 6th National title.  Amazing.





Anonymous said...

I would love Meryl and Charlie widen their lead over Canadians at the Olympics. In the past Canadians got more points than Meryl and Charlie for their tripple twizzels. If Meryl and Charlie had performed tripple twizzels, they would have received better score on them than Canadians. Any chance Meryl and Charlie would do tripple or quadruple twizzels?

Tay said...

Could you upload the whole fluff piece on youtube, please?

Tay said...

Thank you very much :)

Sean Dorsey said...

Loved the interview with Michael Buckley - hilarious :D

Could you please upload their Gala performance if you have it or tell me where I can watch it? Can't get enough of their FD <3

Grace said...

if you subscribe to icenetwork.com then you can watch it there, but I don't have video to upload right now. As soon as I do, I will make that accessible.

Sean Dorsey said...

^ Thanks a lot :)

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