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Holiday Revival (12/24/13)

Charlie and I pose by the Christmas tree at the '11 Grand Prix Final
My brother Clay and I learned to skate on this lake by our home
in Michigan
With the holiday season upon us and 2014 drawing near, many of us find ourselves between reflecting upon the old and considering our hopes and aspirations for the new year. Most certainly, the start of this new year holds special significance for us athletes hoping to represent our countries at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in less than two months’ time.
Still, we too crave the recuperation and revitalization that the holidays bring. With the recent close of the 2013 Grand Prix Series in Fukuoka, Japan and the Olympic Games fast approaching, it seems only natural to enter a frenzy of training, preparations and single-minded concentration. Our bodies, our coaches and the fact that holiday decorations abound, however tell us to “calm down”…
Since many of us were young, we’ve taken part in seminars and training camps, learning about various aspects of life as athletes, both on and off the ice. Though it may not come naturally, rest and recovery are integral parts of training; there is a time to push and a time to mend. Thus, the mid-season combination of fatigue, yet excitement for the coming months indicates our need to partake in holiday revival.
Even so, periodization and performance planning don’t always allow for a perfectly serendipitous union of holidays and recovery. Having taken a four-day weekend immediately following the Grand Prix Final, Charlie and I, like so many of our contemporaries, will take minimal time away from the ice through Christmas and the New Year.
Having grown up in the Metro Detroit area, however, Charlie and I feel lucky to remain close to our friends and families while training. We train in Canton, Mich., with some of the top ice dance teams and coaches in the world. Even beyond Canton, Metro Detroit has steadily become the center of the ice dance community with the majority of the top teams in the world training locally. While having to pick-up and move one’s life far from home for coaching and training is commonplace in our sport, Charlie and I know how lucky we are to be so close to home.
So as most of us make our way home for the holidays, please keep your hearts and possibly a place at your tables open for the hard-working athletes who have left their lives and loved ones far away to pursue their dreams! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best for the new year!
Clay and I often rocked the matching holiday outfits Throwback Davis family Christmas brunch


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