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Charlie, me and speedskater Shani Davis at the NBC rink shoot
Me and Charlie at Dancing with the Stars with pro dancer Derek Hough
Me and Adam Rippon hanging out in LA
Figure Skating's "Off Season"

Well it’s the “off season” in the world of figure skating, and a time of year with which we all anticipate the arrival of a little R&R. Still, and I assume Charlie and I are not alone in this, we seem to annually revisit the process of realizing that there really is no “off season.” Rather, with the close of one season, we eagerly bound into preparations for the next.
While the buds are on the trees and we northerners gently ease ourselves out of winter hiding, reminders of Sochi’s rapid approach are all around. Though our days are consumed by preparations, not all said preparations are on the ice. Like the athletes, NBC begins tending to its Olympic performance months in advance. Last month, Charlie and I joined many of our fellow U.S. Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls in Los Angeles for an official promotional shoot put on by NBC and the USOC. As was the case with our experience of the same pre-Olympic event in 2009, spending time with our fellow athletes and USOC family was such a pleasure. Despite rigorous schedules full of photo and video shoots both on and off the ice, the rare opportunity to spend time with some of our closest friends was not wasted on us.
Concurrently, the excitement of the Sochi Buzz was enlivening. Standing on an elaborately designed set, modeled after the impressive Caucasus Mountains, I couldn’t help but experience that familiar feeling of nerves and exhilaration. In just nine months’ time, we hope to be at the foot of those very mountains, taking to the Olympic ice in Sochi.
During that same visit to Los Angeles, Charlie and I had the chance to work on a bit of choreography as well as attend a taping of one of our favorite shows, Dancing with the Stars. Often, Charlie and I allow ourselves to stand back and truly appreciate our circumstance. Flying home from LA, we couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for the lives we lead and the joy we find in our work.
Now, we’re back to our normal routine with our coaches in Canton, Mich. With the school semester having just ended, we can truly put all of our focus into the development of our new material. As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to sharing more of our journey with you soon. All the best and don’t forget that SPF ;)


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