Happy Mother's Day

BRANDON PENNY | MAY 12, 2013, 6:04 AM ET
Figure skaters Meryl Davis and Charlie White with their mothers,
Cheryl Davis (left) and Jacqui White (right), at the 2013 World
Figure Skating Championships banquet
Behind each and every athlete, there is a team. In many cases, that team is led by a very important woman: mom. On this Mother’s Day, some of Team USA’s greatest Olympians, Paralympians and hopefuls would like to say thanks to their moms. Find out why below and watch the @USOlympic Twitter handle throughout the day for exclusive athlete messages.
Gretchen Bleiler, snowboarding, Olympic silver medalist:“My mom showed me that anything is possible, you just need to consciously decide to make it happen! I love you Mom, Happy Mother's Day” -@gretchenbleiler
David Boudia, diving, two-time Olympic medalist: “Thankful for Mama Boudia and her selfless love, joyful/energetic personality, manner teaching, parenting and respect for others!” -@DavidBoudia
Meryl Davis, figure skating, Olympic silver medalist: "Happy Mom's Day to all the moms! May today be a reminder of the gratitude and love you deserve yearlong...especially mine! Thanks Mom" -@Meryl_Davis
Erin Hamlin, luge, two-time Olympian: "My mom is my best friend, confidante, partner in crime, biggest fan and role model all wrapped into one. How did I get so lucky?" -@ErinHamlin
Steven Holcomb, bobsled, Olympic gold medalist: "I wouldn't be where I am right now, not only as an athlete but as a person. She's been my one true fan from the very start" -@StevenHolcomb
Carmelita Jeter, track and field, three-time Olympic medalist: “I’m so grateful to have such a strong woman in my life to pass down her wisdom and knowledge.” -@carmelitajeter
Hilary Knight, ice hockey, Olympic silver medalist: “I am so grateful for my mom for being such an amazing role model and for her unwavering support in all aspects of my life.” -@hilary_knight
Steve Langton, bobsled, 2010 Olympian: “My beautiful mother, @anne_langton, is my greatest supporter, my most loyal fan and the most influential person in my life.” -@StevenLangton
Heather McPhie, freestyle skiing, 2010 Olympian: “My mom is my rock, my shoulder to cry on; she lends her ear and has been a huge sense of support for me my entire life.” -@heathermcphie
Chellsie Memmel, gymnastics, Olympic silver medalist: “My mom is amazing. She is always there for me and has been my biggest supporter. I don't know where I'd be without her!” -@Cmemmel
Jessica Mendoza, softball, two-time Olympic medalist: “Moms are the ultimate role models. My mom was my first and truly defined what a beautifully powerful woman is!” -@jessmendoza
Cross-country skier Kikkan Randall (left) with her loving, yet
exhausted, mother Deborah
Amy Purdy, Paralympic snowboarding: “I have always aspired to be as warm, tender and caring as my mom. She is the most beautiful person I know. Thank you for being my rock!” -@AmyPurdyGurl
Aly Raisman, gymnastics, three-time Olympic medalist: “My mom is my best friend! We both love shopping! I am so thankful that I can go to her for anything!” -@Aly_Raisman
Kikkan Randall, cross-country skiing, three-time Olympian: “I love my mom because she loves me win or lose, through highs or lows, triumphs or defeats. And she gives the best hugs ever!” -@kikkanimal
Brita Sigourney, freeskiing: “My mom drove me 5 hours from Carmel to Tahoe every weekend for 10 years so I could ski. I love my mom!” -@britasig
Charlie White, figure skating, Olympic silver medalist: "This Mother's Day I'd like to thank my mom for being so supportive and understanding. Oh, and also for helping me achieve my dreams!" -@CharlieaWhite
Mariel Zagunis, fencing, three-time Olympic medalist: “Wouldn't have success today or ever without my wonderful MOM! She inspires and supports me in all that I do…THANK YOU CZ FOR BEING YOU!” -@marielzagunis


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