Classroom Champions series

Andrea Wiggins

4th grade
“A student of mine was changed for the better.”
Our "community" grew this week in Sherman, TX. We had a live Skype with our Olympians, Charlie White and Meryl Davis. It went as planned and the children thoroughly enjoyed it, but something magical and unforgettable happened mid way through. Meryl and Charlie were both asked the question, "Did either of you have any struggles in school?" Meryl began her story. She said she was Dyslexic. She stated she had been diagnosed when she was in the 3rd grade and that reading was difficult for her until the 11th grade.

The moment Meryl said the word Dyslexic I looked at one of my boys. He was staring at me with his mouth open. See, he is also Dyslexic and has a hard time with it because he is pulled out of my class for 45 minutes a day and misses whatever we are doing. He likes to be a part of everything and it really bothers him that he has to leave.

Something in his face changed for the better in that moment. He connected with Meryl on such a huge level. She seemed to give him the sense of "it is ok to think differently". She talked about how her mind is wired differently and how that is ok.
In the Dyslexia classroom there is a "Wall of Fame" that has pictures of celebrities and even pictures of all the kids in her program, because they are celebrities to us. Right before my student went to his Dyslexic class that afternoon he asked if we could hang Meryl's picture on their "Wall of Fame" I printed it out quickly and we took it in there.

A student of mine was changed today for the better and the fact that he now KNOWS someone, a celebrity you might say, that is like him made him hold his head a little higher and that, right there, is why Classroom Champions, is an amazing program that lifts up spirits.

Thank you Meryl for being so open and honest about your struggles. Because of it, I have a young man who goes to Dyslexia class now smiling because he knows it will one day get easier.


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