Celebrity Mom's Interview by Jennifer

1) Favorite international trip you've taken?

 Cheryl: It's hard to pick one place that's my favorite. We've been to so many great places. I think Venice was spectacular. It was so different from any other place we had visited and it was just for fun. Meryl and Charlie had already competed and they were not under any pressure. We loved the museums and the history. We took a mystery trip at night with a guided tour of the city. It was supposed to be scary and it was. We all laughed and had a great time. Romania, Vienna, and Paris were also great. I really have fond memories of every trip we've taken. I wish I could tell you about all of them. Every place we went had something special about it. Jacqui and I always made sure that Meryl and Charlie took some time to visit the cities and enjoy the culture. I can't say how much I loved Nice this last trip (for the 2012 World Championships). I can't wait to go back. Stunning.

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