Anna Trebunskaya discusses Ice Dance

Ice dancing with the stars: Trebunskaya rates five

Ballroom and Latin dancer Anna Trebunskaya rates top five ice dance duos

By Lois Elfman, special to
(03/22/2012) - Although she partnered Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacekto a runner-up finish on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, ballroom and Latin dancer Anna Trebunskaya makes it clear she's not an expert when it comes to skating technique. She was, however, excited to view videos of the top five ice dancing teams heading into the 2012 World Figure Skating Championships and offer her thoughts from a dance perspective.

These comments are based on the free dances.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Trebunskaya, who has long been a skating fan, said she's always found Davis to be "exceptionally graceful."

"To me, she's like a fairy princess on ice," she said. "I feel that Charlie has a really good quality that complements her."

Their Viennese waltz program to music from Die Fledermaus has sections in which both skaters get to show their strengths.

"They have pieces where it was really about her and then there would be pieces that would go faster and it was kind of about Charlie driving it," Trebunskaya noted. "I found that very clever.

"Charlie sneaks little things in there, and he's able to showcase himself," she adds. "That's what makes this couple so exciting to watch. I watch both of them, which is so cool."

Her only critique is that at times Davis is more elegant than White.

"Everything else is beautiful," Trebunskaya said. "Charlie and Meryl set the bar right now for everybody."


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I absolutely agree with her. Meryl is really more elegant than Charlie. I like him,but Meryl... Shes better.Much better.

Susan said...

Im used to watching only meryl and charlie when it comes to ice dance but when I watch other teams I notice that when it comes to the bows after the performances the girls "stomp" as they are bowing. Not Meryl. She bows very elegantly.

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