2012 Nationals coverage--San Jose, CA

Congrats Meryl and Charlie!! 4 time National Dance Champions!!!



Anonymous said...

Where are those last two pictures, with the words "Davis and White," Meryl in orange and Charlie in black from? Looks like all their past costumes are on that rack.

Susan said...

Yes those last two pictures are pretty interesting. Where and when are they from??

Grace said...

it's actually supposed to be an animated image, but it won't show up. I got it here: http://northxnorthwest.tumblr.com/post/16845494005

The actual full video is now posted at the top of the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Grace! You're the best!

Susan said...

Thanks so much! :)
Love love love the new videos :)

Susan said...

So I'm guessing Smuckers Skating Spectacular was very exclusive? :(

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