Champs Camp 2011

Checking in with Meryl and Charlie
Fun Q&A with Meryl and Charlie

For those who can't view the video...

M&C are asked about their guilty pleasure this summer.
They pause, look at each other, and laugh.
C: Just lounging. We get a break, and then we hit the rink pretty hard. At this point, it's the dog days of summer so I think being able to collapse at home, knowing there are things I should be doing is probably my guilty pleasure.
M: For me, I think it's looking at furniture online. I bought a condo in June, and I also renovated a little bit, and I'm going to totally redo it, so I'm online when I'm not doing schoolwork or skating looking at furniture and stuff like that.

#1 most overplayed song at the ice arena
C: haha...we don't listen to too much beside our programs
M: (looks at Charlie and interjects) We No Speak Americano. There's a song that came out awhile ago called We No Speak Americano and everytime it comes on, I think everyone else likes it except for Charlie (Charlie laughs), Charlie does a dash to the music box to turn it off. But other than that (Charlie finishes the's just our programs, which are also overplayed too much). Meryl: true

If you could have 1 quality from any other skater that you could just take from them and incorporate it into your skating, what would it be?
C: Um...we were just in Japan doing a show with Takahito Kozuka and the way he bends his knees and his spreadeagle are, I don't think I've ever seen anyone do it quite like that, and I'm always so jealous because b/c I can barely spreadeagle, and he's just such a fantastic skater.
M: For me, I think it's just the long legs. You know, I think my proportions work well for ice dance but all the time when you're watching, you know, the girls with the long thin legs, it's's something I would like to have...haha.

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