Giving Back: Meryl and Charlie in Tsunami Benefit show

Giving Back: Meryl Davis And Charlie White To Perform Special Show For Tsunami Victims

World Champion ice dancers Meryl Davis And Charlie White are headlining a fundraiser and special show in Japan on July 27th to benefit the victims of the tsunami. The major problem that every disaster effort faces is that the time of reconstruction, rebuilding, and healing often take longer than the public’s attention to such crises. Like preparing for a major athletic competition, the effort to come back from a disaster takes years of dedicated, painstaking work and that is what makes Davis’ and White’s efforts so worthwhile. The Tsunami happened in March of this year and the media attention has begun to fall away, even though there are still many people in the area living in camps for evacuees. In headlining this event, Davis and White will bring much needed attention and aid to the victims of the disaster.

The show is a very special production with only 1400 invited guests – many of whom are school children who lost homes and family to the disaster. It is presented as a part of the Lotte ‘The Ice’ series of shows that are taking place across Japan this year. Spectators will be brought in by chartered busses from Aomori, Iwate and Miyagi prefectures, some of the spectators are coming from evacuation centers where they have been placed since driven from their homes because of the tsunami.

Davis and White supporting their hometown teams

Meryl Davis and Charlie White made history and headlines this year when they became the first Americans to ever win the world championships for ice dancing. This victory, coming off of their silver medal performance in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics has thrust the pair into the spotlight and won them a huge following. In addition to headlining the event, the two will also take part in skating lessons for 130 children from the area. Donations from the event will go to the Red Cross to aid reconstruction efforts.


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