Summer Spotlight with Meryl and Charlie

Source: Fromtheboards
Excerpt of full interview below:

While the champs tried to downplay the history-making potential before Worlds, there’s no denying they understand — and appreciate — what the medal means now.

“It means everything,” White said. “It’s all the hard work you put into something like figure skating in the cold, since you were a little kid. It’s really nice to have it pay off in the end and just recognize that everything you’ve done has really led to something special.”

“Talking with previous American ice dance teams [about] how hard they worked and how amazingly talented they were, and representing our country and our sport within our country, being the first to be able to achieve something like that is such an honor for us,” Davis said.

An honor, and a fitting tribute to the dedicated partners. For two skaters to stay so long together is more a novelty than the norm. Charlie credits their longevity to their focus.

“I think we both have a very similar work ethic and we always have,” he said.”You really have to be on the same page if you want to be able to accomplish anything.”


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