Universal Sports Pre-Worlds article

Davis, White 'great shot' at winning Worlds

By Alexa Ainsworth, Universal Sports

Three-time U.S. ice dance champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White are set to compete at the postponed World Figure Skating Championships next week in Moscow, Russia.

The Olympic silver medalists spoke with the media Wednesday about their preparation and their golden opportunity.

Here are the key quotes from their press conference:

On how they feel with an extra month of training

Meryl Davis: Charlie and I are feeling great right now. With the extra time of training we're feeling even more confident and prepared than we were before.

On whether they feel energized or burned out

Charlie White: We definitely feel energized. We're in the best shape of our careers. With the longer time we've had we were able to come back down and then work our way back up to the top. We're so legitimately excited to compete at Worlds this year. We have a great shot at winning and we love the material we have now. We feel like it's really grown with us. We're not at all worn down or worn out by the process and we're looking forward to competing.

On whether it feels like the end of a season or the beginning of the next

CW: It feels like both the end of a season and the beginning of the next season at the same time. Where we train there's a lot of teams that have already moved on and already starting to choreograph their next two programs, so that makes it a little bit strange, but at the same time we have us, Tessa & Scott, the Shibutani's, Maddie and Greg, the Lithuanian dance team - there's a large contingent of us stuck in the past. I think having each other around, we've been able to cope with the time difference of when it should be to where it is.

On what they think about the chance to become the first U.S. ice dance team to win Worlds

CW: We don't talk about it. When we're on the ice we're focused on training and mentally preparing ourselves. We're not too concerned with making history at the moment. We're really more concerned with doing our best, getting to Moscow, practicing hard while we're there, and competing our best. The most important thing for us at this point in time is to let our skating do the talking and try to enjoy these moments because it's very precious and we've put ourselves in a good position, so we're not going to put extra pressure on ourselves.


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