Interview with Meryl about rescheduled Worlds

Skaters react to rescheduled Worlds

By Alexa Ainsworth | Posted: Mar 24, 12:51p ET | Updated: Mar 24, 4:37p ET checked in with several figure skaters to find out their thoughts on the rescheduling of Worlds. The event was originally planned for this week in Tokyo, but due to the natural disaster in Japan, will be held in Moscow at the end of April.

Meryl Davis, United States - Ice dancer w/ Charlie White

What was your strategy while the status of Worlds was uncertain?

Our strategy was to be ready whenever we were told to go. We talked a lot with our coaches about the fact that it really is a test. It's a sport that's about being ready to compete when you have to. Not being phased by things that may or may not change your typical routine or schedule is really an important part of any sport. We were really focusing on just making sure we were comfortable and confident and ready to go whenever necessary.

Having said that, now that we know when and where we have to be, it's a comfort. We have a month until Worlds and we can go back to the drawing board with our coach and plan our training strategy for the next four weeks.

Was it ever difficult to keep perspective?

I think it's so easy for anyone to focus on themselves and how a particular situation affects them. For us, we were trying to keep perspective and realize while Worlds may be postponed or canceled, at the end of the day it really is figure skating. In comparison to what the people in Japan have been going through, it's just such a minor problem.

Japan is a country so much like our own and a place we have visited many times. We know people over there, have friends over there and fans over there that we're thinking of and want the best for.

How have you personally responded to the tragedy?

I donated to the Red Cross and I've been trying to Tweet about the situation and encourage support. From what I understand, we'll be arranging a benefit show in the Detroit area after Worlds for the relief of Japan. I'm excited to be a part of that.


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