NHK viewing schedule

Watch Meryl and Charlie if you subscribe to Otherwise, tune in October 31st to NBC from 4-6pm Eastern time.

The Short Dance should be live tonight (Thursday night/Friday morning)

All times are Eastern time.
Friday, Oct. 22

2:00 a.m. : Short Dance
4:05 a.m. : Pairs Short Program
6:05 a.m.: Ladies Short Program
11:20 p.m.: Men's Short Program

Saturday, Oct. 23

1:30 a.m.: Free Dance
3:35 a.m. : Pairs Free Skate
5:30 a.m. : Ladies Free Skate
11:00 p.m. : Men's Free Skate


Lilyia1 said...

Do you know if the NHK television will broadcast the competition? I'm from Brazil and is easier to access than the US television. Please answer me. Thanks a lot.

Grace said...

I am not sure, but in the past, I have seen NHK broadcasts of this event. I will try my best to find videos from the event to share.

literaryfreak said...

I think it might be broadcast on NHK tv. This website is supposed to have more information, but it won't open for me (and it's in Japanese).

Grace said...

Maybe some of our Japanese friends can help us out. ;-) Regardless, videos usually pop up if we're patient! I know it's hard. Just hang in there!

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