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Quick chat with Meryl Davis

Olympic silver medalist Meryl Davis checks in from the road. Universal Sports caught up with her to talk Olympics, touring, and her trip to the White House.
By Alexa Ainsworth, Universal Sports | Posted: May 20, 12:34p ET | Updated: May 20, 12:18p ET

Meryl Davis hasn't had a moments rest since winning the silver medal in Vancouver with ice dance partner Charlie White. The two-time U.S. champion took the time to email us with answers to some post-Olympic questions.

Win or lose, you are so composed in interviews. Upon finding out you won the silver medal in Vancouver, you were a little choked up talking with NBC's Andrea Joyce...talk about that moment.

Thank you. Yes, I was very emotional after the free dance in Vancouver. Really, we were living a dream and I was just so overwhelmed. For years, Charlie and I have dedicated much of our lives to our skating careers, and to be able to represent our country in the Olympic Games was such an honor. Having trained and competed alongside Tessa [Virtue] and Scott [Moir] for years, we've supported each other and become close friends. Being up on the podium with our training-mates after such a wonderful Olympic experience was a very special moment for us.

Many athletes have something special planned if they win an Olympic medal - a nice vacation, a new car, a huge bowl of ice cream...did you celebrate your medal with any reward?

The funny thing is, we really hadn't thought beyond the Olympics and World Championships (just two weeks later). After the World Championships in Torino, we headed straight to Florida to join the cast of Smuckers Stars on Ice to begin touring the country. While we've certainly had time to celebrate with family and friends, we've hardly been home since we left Vancouver. When the tour finishes at the end of May, we will take two weeks of vacation before heading home to begin training again. I think the reality of the last several months will hit us when we return home.

What is the best opportunity you have been given as a result of competing at the Olympics?

We've had such an exciting few months following the games. For me, meeting President Obama and the First Lady was such an honor and something I will never forget.

You have been touring with Stars on Ice - what is your favorite part of the touring experience?

Performing every night with the cast of Smuckers Stars on Ice has been an amazing way to follow up such an exciting competitive season. The people in the show are not only great athletes and entertainers, but people. Touring with the cast and getting to perform for audiences around the country doesn't feel like work and I feel so fortunate.

What is it going to be like to go back to training after all this fun, and without the Olympic motivation of last season?

Going back to training without the 2010 Olympic countdown is going to be strange for us. Olympic seasons are filled with more pressures than the average competitive year and Charlie and I are really looking forward to exploring and expanding our horizons. After taking the silver in Vancouver, people have been asking us if we plan to continue competing and if we are looking ahead to 2014. The truth is that we are still extremely passionate about our sport and feel like we still have so much to learn and room to grow.

Your Indian-themed original dance gained worldwide acclaim, any thoughts on how to top that this coming season?

Hard work has always been something Charlie and I have agreed upon. In attacking our original dance, this season, we wanted to make sure we did the theme justice and worked hard on and off the ice to come up with the final product of our Original Dance. Whatever we do in the coming season, we are ready to get to work.


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