Freshly crowned 2010 Olympic silver-medal ice dancers, Michigan natives Meryl Davis and Charlie White, perform on the Stars on Ice Tour, which stops Wednesday, May 26, at West Valley City's E Center.

To promote the show, the 12-year ice-dancing partners shared their thoughts about touring with former competitors, skating without judges watching and relaxing on ice:

Charlie White, 22 » "For some of the members, it's also their first time [on tour]. A lot of them we know from competing with them. It's been a great time hanging out and seeing them day to day. They're all great peers and we try to soak in what makes them so great out in the ice."

Meryl Davis, 23 » "It's very different. Throughout the season and throughout our career, Tanith [Belbin] and Ben [Agosto], while friends, have been competitors of ours, especially in the last three years. But it's nice to be on tour and working together to entertain audiences."

White » "We're very used to competing when you have the judges watching every little thing you do, and we trained for that and train our minds. But to be able to skate in front of an audience that is simply there to enjoy skating has been great. It has helped us connect and be able to relax on the ice. I think it has helped our skating and it's been kind of refreshing, too."

Davis » "We are full time cast members. For the two months, the duration of the show, we do one solo number, a quartet and are involved in three other group numbers. The solo number is our original dance for this competitive season. It's the program that we did at the Olympic Games and the National Championships. It's a Bollywood theme."

About the tour » The Smucker's Stars on Ice Tour was founded in 1986 and produced by Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, and skaters have now performed more than 1,000 shows.

Other performers on the bill include » 2010 Olympic gold medalists Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao; 2006 Olympic silver medalists and 2010 Olympians Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto; 2006 Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen; world champion and six-time national champion Todd Eldredge; and 2009 U.S. national champion Alissa Czisny.