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5/18: Smucker's Stars on Ice tour comes to Phoenix

Q&A with silver medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Fresh off their win in Vancouver, Canada, Olympic silver

medalists Meryl Davis, 23, and Charlie White, 22, are on the road for Smucker's Stars on Ice tour.

Olympic silver medalist (2006) Sasha Cohen, six-time national champion Todd Eldredge, and 2006 Olympic silver medalists Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto will be among those touring.

Though Davis and White have been skating since they were each 5 years old, they say they still have plenty to learn about the sport.

Question: What is this year's tour like?

Davis: It's a very energetic and family-friendly show. They're doing something a little bit different this year in that they're kind of combining the competitive aspect of figure skating with the show-type aspect of figure skating. A lot of the teams are doing show programs and a lot of younger skaters are doing what they did in Vancouver at the Olympics. I think it's really exciting for the audience to see the two different types of skating.

Q: How is the "show-type" performance different for you?

White: It's not quite as nerve-racking, so we can get into it a lot more. We're so used to having the judges staring at us and looking for any kind of mistake, but on tour, we're here to show the fans a good time. That allows us to relax and enjoy it a little more, so that's a nice change.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the tour?

Davis: I think we're learning a lot in terms of how to relate to the audience, how to perform better, learning a lot about ourselves and skating. Charlie and I have been saying since we started the tour, as Olympic silver medalists, people think of us as experts at this point, but we still have a lot to learn and we have a lot we want to do to improve our skating.

Q: What is it like performing with all of these other successful skaters?

White: It's been a really amazing experience. We've known a lot of them just through skating. We hadn't really met some of the older cast members before, but they're all amazing skaters. It's just a testament to the skating ability of the U.S. right now. For us, it's such an honor, and we're trying to learn a lot from the other skaters.

Q: How has skating changed for you two since the Olympics?

White: The Olympics was a new experience and there was so much pressure that we'd never felt before. We were really nervous when we stepped on the ice. We were just thinking, "don't fall, don't fall." As we spent more time there, we were able to skate well and enjoy it. Knowing that we can enjoy ourselves on the ice competing or doing shows is really when we're going to be doing our best skating.

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