Belated Boston Stars on Ice Review

I (Ashley) am a friend of Grace's who was very fortunate to get tickets to see Meryl and Charlie skate in Stars on Ice when they were in Boston. It was an amazing show and I still can't believe I got to go; Grace suggested that I spread the wealth somewhat and write a short review of the show to try to share with the experience everyone on the site. Here goes:

The skaters were introduced one by one, starting with Yuka Sato, Jeremy Abbott, Michael Weiss (who has loads of energy, music switches to rock music), Alissa, Tanith and Ben, Sasha Cohen and then Meryl and Charlie come out and perform that insane Phantom of the Opera lift where Meryl balances on Charlie's leg. People cheer like crazy for that. Todd Eldredge comes out last and introduces the first skater of the night to perform.

Mirai Nagasu. She's a powerful skater, great spins, super flexible. She skated to music that sounded an awful like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, which is totally awesome.

Jeremy Abbott. Nails most of his triples, though he fell really hard on one, which was rough. He shook it off and landed two more perfectly. The girls behind me were wondering if he was wearing tuxedo pants. He rocked it.

Alissa C. Pretty skating, loved her outfit.

Ben comes out and riffs on the guitar, imitates a Boston accent (not too shabby at that) and plays the NBC Olympics theme song on the guitar. Random.

Todd E. Some big jumps. He had these big patches of leather for pockets on seat of his pants. Weird. Ends with a super fast spin, always a crowd pleaser.

Sasha C. Skates to a Spanish song, she is crazy flexible.

Tanith and Ben come out to introduce Meryl and Charlie!

Maybe it's just me, but I definitely felt like the audience were waiting for this routine. I heard comments like "Ooh I love this routine!" before they started and since the routine was a big hit I don't think it was in my head when I felt like a hush fell over the crowd. The music is so lively, Meryl's outfit is gorgeous (the colors really pop), and there's just so much energy to the whole dance. I've seen in so many times, but it really is a completely different experience to watch it being performed live. They connect so well with the music and each other and they just look like they're having a blast out on the ice. Not to be too cheesy, but they clearly love what they do, you can sense the passion they have for the sport. One of my friends that went with me who doesn't watch a whole lot of ice skating afterwards said, hands down, best performance by far of the night. Though I guess to be fair, it was the only Olympic routine we saw. The only complaint I had is that it goes by way too fast when you watch it live. Even though I know what's coming next, I take for granted how fast they can skate. Oh well, the crowd and I forgive them for that; much applause at the end.

Michael W. Skates to Josh Groban and he does a back flip which everyone goes nuts for.

Sasha and Alissa skate a piece together, it's a famous operatic piece that I've heard in movies but don't know what it's called.

Yuka Sato is next skating to swing music and then Emily Hughes was a special guest; both skated very well.

A bizarre group number right before intermission. Not that I don't like it, it's just different - like a vampire nightclub kind of theme; something out of True Blood. I noticed how tiny Meryl is compared to everyone else. They exit to music that you'd hear in at Abercrombie and Fitch; at least what I would hear when I was last in one 5 years ago...

Rachel Flatt skates after the intermission solid jumps and ends with pretty spin.

Tanith and Ben skate to If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz. Excellent choice. Reminds me of the So You Think You Can Dance number that Jeanine and Jason did. They always put on a good show.

Yuka Sato skates next, followed by Jeremy Abbott who seems like he's on a mission to erase that fall that he had the first go round. He really connects well with the song (by Buble) and is so fast and powerful; looking forward to seeing him in future competitions for sure.

Ben comes out and does another guitar riff and the Alissa skates to a cheesy club song. But at least she's having fun with it.

Tanith, Sasha, and Yuko do a mini routine to a yodeling song (I don't really understand) and then it's Michael W's turn to do, as my friend says, the male equivalent of what Alissa did. He does a backflip - no matter how many times you see one, it's always pretty cool.

Meryl and Charlie and Tanith and Ben do a group number together and it's easily the best group number of the night. Probably because it's at much higher level technically speaking since the two teams are more evenly matched then any other random pairing out of the roster. There are some really pretty lifts and overall beautiful skating to a Leona Lewis type song.

Todd skates next followed by Sasha, her second skate is really pretty, the program suits her and she chose a good song to skate to as well (an awesome cover of Hallelujah, I wish I knew who sang it).

Final group number is a Disco routine. I can't say I'm a huge fan of these; personally a second routine by M&C would've been the cherry on top of an awesome show.

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