What Do Ice Dancers Do for Fun? Play Hockey Video Games

FEBRUARY 10, 2010, 2:07 PM

What Do Ice Dancers Do for Fun? Play Hockey Video Games

People who happen by the room of American ice dancers Charlie White and Evan Bates at the Olympic Village might hear cheering or screaming.

White and Evans have brought beloved XBox to Vancouver and hockey will be game on. White, who skates with Meryl Davis, and Bates, who skates with Emily Samuelson, intend to spend their downtime between skates by playing NHL 10.

They play the game frequently as off-campus housemates at the University of Michigan. They’re bringing their video gaming competition to Vancouver, both to kill time and to help forget their nerves.

“We really get into it, neither of us ever wants to lose, so there has to be a rematch until somebody gets their way,” Bates said. “We’re going to try to make things feel as normal as possible, even though we’re at the Olympics.”

There is one iron-clad house rule: nobody gets to play as the Detroit Red Wings. Bates and White are both native Michiganians, and are huge Red Wings fans. White is also a former high school hockey player, having given up the sport to concentrate on ice dance.

The guys decided to make their favorite team off-limits for selection, as a tribute.

American team forward Patrick Kane, who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks, graces the cover of NHL 10. Bates is bringing the game packaging to the Olympics, in hopes of getting Kane to autograph it.

“Then we’d have an official game,” Bates said, laughing.

Better yet, maybe they can get Kane to play the game with them.


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