U.S. Ice Dance Press Conference


Candice McCallie

February 12, 2010 4:48 P

Meryl Davis (West Bloomfield, Mich.)

We haven’t changed our routine for our free dance or O.D. We’ve been working tremendously hard perfecting things, making sure that we’re really loving the program and getting into it so we can really get the audience to enjoy what we’re doing. Heading into Nationals, we really made sure that we were focusing on our Compulsory Dance, which was the golden waltz. So heading into the Olympics, we really wanted to focus on tango. We worked with Elena Tchaikovskaya, who is the creator of the dance, for a few days and we wanted to get her feedback on what she thought and what her intention was when she created the dance. We’re really thrilled and excited to be working with her. We feel really confident coming in.

On working with Tchaikovskaya: She flew to Detroit for a couple days and both Tess and Scott and Charlie and I worked with her extensively on the tango. It was really thrilling because, like our coaches, she has a lot of knowledge on the dance. But being the creator, she’s the ultimate authority. So there’s no questioning her. She knows exactly what she’s talking about. When she gives you a tip on the style, the timing, anything, you take exactly what she says and you do it. It was a really exciting experience and we’re so excited to have that under our belts.

Charlie White (Bloomfield Hills, Mich.)

Did Jonny Weir decorate your room? Unfortunately no. If we could hire him that would be good. It’s a little bit bare, but I’m sure he would do a great job.

On bets: We haven’t gotten around to any bets. I think generally we try to refrain from betting because we feel like we might jinx whomever we’re betting upon. I think we’re both really excited for the hockey. I know that’s going to be an area of strong contestation. We’ll see where that goes. Obviously we have our own event to worry about.

On training with team: We love training with them everyday. It’s a real blessing to be able to have such an amazing team there training with us. They’re such good skaters and good people and good friends. We’ve come a long way with them. We’ve been competing against them for a long time so we know what they’ve been through and vice versa. So to be here at the Olympics with them is really a blast. We consider ourselves very fortunate.


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