Stars On Ice

Full article at, but Meryl and Charlie talk about their Stars On Ice plans!

After that, the team plans some shows with the 41-city Smuckers Stars on Ice tour, kicking off in Ft. Myers, Fla., on April 1.

"That is what it's looking like," White said. "I don't know which shows yet so I can't plug which cities you should definitely come to, just kidding"

Fans can look forward to some fresh material from the innovative couple.

"We're going to have something new," Davis revealed. "We've been doing our show program a lot. I would say don't quote us on that, but you can."

"We're definitely not going to do our "Billie Jean" program; it will be something different, for sure," White added.

Might they consider a re-worked version of the popular "Bollywood" original dance?

"If we did that, we'd probably change it around a little bit, not go for a Level 4 circle," Davis said. "An Indian show program would be really fun."


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