Special Good Luck from meryl-charlie.com

When I heard the 'One Dream' song by Sarah McLachlan during Nationals, I immediately thought of creating a special montage for Meryl and Charlie. HOWEVER, I am not proficient in making montages, so I immediately thought of AmberNicole who makes THE best montages for M & C. I contacted her and she graciously agreed to make this good luck montage for them. She did a FABULOUS job, and I can't thank her enough for her contribution. Amber and I hope that everyone enjoys not only this montage but also the incredible ride that M & C have been/are taking their fans on. Best of luck to Meryl and Charlie, their families and entire team; meryl-charlie.com will be supporting you 110% all the way!

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lynda said...

LOVE IT, thanks for putting the tribute together.

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