USOC Teleconference- Jan.4, 3:30pm ET has posted a transcript of Meryl and Charlie's teleconference. Excerpt below.

Do you think that the popularity of ice dancing will attract kids more to your sport rather than singles or pairs?
Meryl: I certainly hope so. The draw for both people to participate in our sport and really to watch our sport and enjoy our sport is a huge thing for us. And I would imagine that all American ice dancers are really excited at the level of popularity and the rising rates of viewers that we have. I hope that the way the sport is going definitely will attract more people and I
think that the increased level of athleticism really is probably the biggest draw. Charlie and I really are embracing that as a whole. If we can kind of advertise ice dancing as something that's not only athletic but also beautiful and artistic, it's a very unique sport in that way, and I think that it can only help.

Charlie: If you look at the trend across America with TV shows, like So You Think Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars, I think there's a sort of love affair with dancing! Ice dancers are fortunate enough to kind of pick up on that, and at the same time, we've all been kind of very successful. So it's kind of a good combination and hopefully it will lead to a lot of American viewers kind of getting into it.


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