Exhibitions throughout the years

One of the many things I love about M & C is the variety in their exhibition programs. Every year they have something vastly different and just when you think "Hey, that exhibition was perfect for them!" they surprise you with a new 'mood' the next year. From Ray Charles to The Nutcracker to David Cook, M & C demonstrate their ability to express all sorts of music. It is clear they put time and effort into these (unscored) programs, and for that, I'm appreciative. Even when The Nutcracker reappeared this year, it wasn't even the same version! Below are some downloads since many of these programs are not available on youtube. Enjoy!



Elsa said...

I totally agree with you. They're always trying to improve themselves and I think that is so admirable. You can really feel their passion for the sport.I fell in love with them because of the "beyond the sea" exhibition, so thank you for posting different versions of it and all the rest.

Grace said...

You're quite welcome! Enjoy!

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