The Inside Edge w/ Sarah and Drew

Meryl and Charlie reveal what they are scared of plus they did a small interview in this Halloween edition blog discussing their trip to Russia and their upcoming trip to Japan. Read about it here.

Happy Bday Charlie! and Rostelecom press conference

Thank you to miljotka for taping these!

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Rostelecom Cup protocols

09-10 Rostelecom CD

09-10 Rostelecom OD

09-10 Rostelecom FD

Rostelecom Cup videos

Rostelecom photos and results

2009 Rostelecom Cup Champions!

I love how you can really appreciate the intricacies and details that are in this OD even by looking at the photos.

Spectacular performance and great start to the Grand Prix series!

Thanks to the fans that went to Rostelecom Cup. Below photos from here.

Some assorted photos from here.

*Thanks to Anya from for taking the assorted above photos


Davis, White take commanding lead after OD