Interview with M and C from Lake Placid

Q&A with Meryl Davis and Charlie White

Meryl Davis and Charlie White have had a very successful career in figure skating; in past years they have qualified for the US National Championships, and this year won the US Ice Dance title.

Now they are strong contenders for the gold in Vancouver. Following are some questions asked between their numbers at the Lake Placid Saturday Night Ice Show.

LPN: When did you first start skating?

M: I was five years old when I started skating.
C: I was three years old.

LPN: When did you first start skating together?

M: I was 9 years old.
C: And I was 8.

LPN: What made you decide to start ice dancing?

C: I was a hockey player and did freestyle skating, and my coach thought I should start ice dancing to improve basic skating skills and posture. Meryl was at the same rink, and my coach thought we would make a good ice dance team. So we had a tryout and started skating together.

LPN: What is your training schedule like?

M&C: Right now we train 4 to 5 hours a day on ice, and do 1-11/2 hours off ice daily, either strength training or ballet.

LPN: Have you visited or skated at Lake Placid before?

M&C: This is our third time skating in the Saturday Night Ice Show, and we have competed at the Lake Placid Ice Dance Competition many times.

LPN: What is one of your favorite skating memories?

M&C: Our favorite memory is definitely finishing our free dance at Worlds this year.

LPN: What are your interests outside the rink?

M&C: We are both in school as well, so we like to learn! We like to heal our social lives in our spare time, because we spend so much time traveling and competing that being with friends is important. Basically, we like to be normal college students in our spare time; hang out with friends, watch movies, listen to music, etc.

LPN: What are your goals for this season?

M&C: Our goal for this season is to earn a gold medal at the Olympics in 2010. We aim high!

LPN: Other than figure skating, what are your favorite sports to participate in or watch?

M: I like water sports; also, basically any solo sport.
C: I really like most sports; I would say I am a team sports person. I have also started to get into golf.

LPN: What do you like most about Lake Placid?

M&C: The scenery here in Lake Placid is just beautiful; also, it is great to be outside and in the fresh air.

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