2007 TEB protocols

07-08 TEB CD

07-08 TEB OD

07-08 TEB FD

2007 Trophee Eric Bompard

With a tweaked FD, different outfits and all, M and C earned their first Grand Prix medal in Paris. I was really impressed that they were able to make all the changes AND still skate it so smoothly and without hesitation.

2007 Skate America Protocols

07-08 Skate America CD

07-08 Skate America OD

07-08 Skate America FD

2007 Skate America

After battling a few injuries during the summer time, M and C were out to prove that 2007 Worlds was not a fluke. They debuted their new programs (and OD props) but didn't receive as great a reception from the judges as I'm sure they would've liked. (Though, for me, they could just flop around on the ice and I would still love it). No worries though because by the time the next competition came around, alterations were made.


Austrian Waltz

Marshalls Showcase and Interview

Interview from the Marshall's Showcase

2007 post Worlds shows

2007 Benefit show

2007 Marshalls

DSC Ice Show