2004-2005 season BOI magazine

2004 Blades on Ice article focusing on Charlie

2004 JGP Romania

Not much coverage of Junior Grand Prixs those days, so there's not that much stuff. But here's what I did find.

JGP Serbia



Waiting for FD marks

2004 Lake Placid

Awards: Compulsory dance champions

Starlight Waltz




Argentine Tango

All the skating photos are © Michelle Wojdyla
*As a general rule, I try to post photos that aren't already on Meryl and Charlie's official site

2004 Junior Worlds-Den Haag

Couldn't find many skating photos, but Matthews&Zavozin's old site had many off ice photos from this trip. M and C finished with a strong 12th place at their Junior Worlds debut.

2003-2004 videos and music

Program music
OD: Pennsylvania 6-5000 and This Cat's on a Hot Tin Roof
FD: Hasta que te conoci and Que viva la alegria
Junior Worlds and Midwestern videos after the cut.

2003-2004 miscellaneous

Mittan, JB, 2004. Davis and White in Long Term Partnership (Meryl Davis and Charles White - USA). GoldenSkate, July 15, 2004.
Davis and White in Long Term Partnership

2004 Nationals--Atlanta, GA

M and C earned their 1st trip to Junior Worlds after placing 2nd at Nationals in the Junior level. Hence the extra excitement after realizing they placed 2nd after the FD.


Photos below are © Jay Adeff. http://www.jayadeff.com/US2004/US2004.htm

photos © Paul and Michelle Harvath

The following are some photos I took at this competition. Didn't have many turn out, but these are the better ones.

2004 National Highlights. M and C appear throughout video