About this site

This is an UNofficial fan site for Meryl Davis and Charlie White. I thought it would be a good "go to" source for everything Meryl and Charlie. I hope it can be a 'one stop shop' for any fan looking for M and C coverage throughout the years. Not only can old fans enjoy following and supporting M and C's career, but new fans can also learn more about M and C just by going through this website.

The material on this site is a collection of all the coverage I have gathered throughout the many many years of being a DWfan. But to make this site the best that it can be, I hope we DWfans can ban together and gather all existing and future coverage concerning Meryl and Charlie. It's getting more and more difficult for one person to catch everything now that they have gained so much more popularity (which is a great thing)! To help out and contribute to the site, email me at DWfan09@gmail.com and I will update the site ASAP. I hope to build this site into the ultimate DWfan site!

Disclaimer: This website was created without Meryl, Charlie, and their families' knowledge. The opinions expressed on this site are not meant to be a reflection upon Meryl, Charlie or their families.